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Edwin — ED-49



Size: 32, Length of Wear: 1 year, How Many Washes: 1

Here are my Edwin ED-49. (Bought 2012-04-21)
I have been alternating between these and a pair of Edwin Nashvilles. So the effective wear is a bit uncertain. Might be around 8 months or so.

Submitted by nizzel55


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4 Responses to “Edwin — ED-49”

  1. bleachnstones says:

    you’re really breaking into your jeans, it’s amazing the amount of wear they show in just one year of wear, they look awesome but can help to ask, what do you do for a leaving? I’m asking so I get a better understanding such beautiful distressed look.

  2. nizzel55 says:

    I work as a Verification Engineer. So I sit in front a computer most of my work hours. But I got a two year old daughter who keeps me down on my knees a lot. Playing with her toys and sitting cross-legged wile reading books and so on. So I guess I have to thank her for the looks of my Edwins. :)

  3. James Hite says:

    Any chance these have been manipulated with starch or sand paper, et cetra? Not a flame, do what you want with your denim, just curious. Your fades and creases are very sharp and crisp especially the inner thigh.
    Either way they look great!

  4. nizzel55 says:

    No sand paper or starch. Never used anything on them. Just wore them for a year and then washed them on 30 degrees no spin cycle. After that I just kept on wearing them. Now they are starting to fall apart in some areas. Especially the rear area. :) I sit a lot. Need to mend those holes.

    I am sitting cross legged a lot and also crouching down on my knees. Dunno if that is something that helps me getting those creases.

    You can see more pictures on:

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