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Submitted by Okiya


Momotaro Jeans – 0201

Size: 31 Length of Wear: 5 months How Many Washes: 2

For 7 months on and off (about 5 months of effective wear I guess), two soaks, two washes an a splendid time together… I’ll be retiring my MOMOTARO Vintage Label 0201! Yes, I adore the finest denim, Momotaro is one of those brands (I also own their beautifully finished Copper Line G004MB)!

About my 0201; this garment started as a raw jean (what else), met it’s owner (that’s me) in july 2009, and I created the fades, tears, holes, … by wearing it, caring it, appreciating it, being patient on it…

Pictures say more than words, so…

Submitted by: Okiya


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